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Opinion: Weaknesses in Russia's military revealed, writes Petraeus

Retired Gen. David Petraeus, who commanded US forces in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, says the Russians are facing a Ukraine military that is exceptionally determined, surprisingly capable and innovative, and one that is fighting on its home territory for its very survival.

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Reaction: How Russians responded to protester on TV news

American Yakov Kronrod tells CNN's Anderson Cooper what the reaction has been like in Russia after an employee at one of Russia's major state television networks interrupted a live broadcast to protest the invasion of Ukraine.

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Russian helicopter shot down: Ukrainian military shares video

Ukrainian Armed Forces shared a video showing a Russian helicopter being shot down. CNN geolocated this video. The area where it was filmed includes a base where the Russians have been running helicopter operations and has recently been under attack by Ukrainian forces. CNN has been unable to verify when this happened.

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It's not the best time to be a Russian oligarch

• Analysis: There is plenty of speculation about Putin's state of mind • Russians are bracing for a dramatic shift in their standard of living • Opinion: Oppose the Ukraine war without feeding racial stereotypes

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US fighter jets escort Russian aircraft in eastern Syria

US fighter jets and other coalition aircraft escorted three Russian aircraft in eastern Syria on Tuesday when the Russians flew into coalition-restricted airspace, according to two US officials with direct knowledge of the incident.

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What fake swastikas, lab-created AIDS conspiracies and fake BLM protests have in common

Here's the disinformation playbook: exploit divisions, push lies, then deny everything. From fake swastikas, to astro-turfed BLM protests, Russians have sought to exploit existing tensions around the world. In the latest "Reality Check with John Avlon," Avlon traces the history of Russian disinformation with author and professor Thomas Rid and CNN's Donie O'Sullivan.

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