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Opinion: Why my Covid anxiety is spiking now, all these months later

I remember the moment distinctly. It was Thanksgiving. We  --  my wife, kids and mom --  were at my college friend's house with his family. Everyone was vaccinated and we had all taken rapid tests that morning to make sure it was safe to celebrate together.

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Former CDC director: What's next with Omicron and the pandemic?

On Thanksgiving morning, Covid reminded us that neither death nor mutations take a holiday. And while the virus gathers strength, a pandemic of pandemic fatigue undermines our ability to stop the virus. The newly discovered Omicron variant quickly led to border closures, a stock market plunge, and a collective sigh of despair: Will the pandemic ever end?

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My family's Omicron question: What do we do now?

On the Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving, my wife, two kids, and I prepared to drive from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Omaha, Nebraska. We were all so eager to resume a family tradition that we had missed in last year's terrible winter. As we packed our suitcases, chose snacks for the road, and filled coolers with pumpkin and pecan pie, two different kinds of cranberry sauce, and a vat of my wife's famous mashed potatoes, life felt comfortingly normal.

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Jimmy Kimmel talks about hair-burning Thanksgiving

Jimmy Kimmel talked about his "mildly frightening" Thanksgiving on his show Monday, telling his viewers that, well, he burned off his body hair and hairline while trying to light an outdoor pizza oven.

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Analysis: Biden faces a familiar foe -- uncertainty

President Joe Biden had hoped to return from the Thanksgiving holiday bearing good news about his moves to get the economy back on track, his administration's effort to fix the supply chain crisis and hopes for a holiday season where Americans could gather safely with families and friends.

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Two storm systems could cause travel woes this weekend

One of the busiest travel weekends of the year is here and if you are among the estimated 53.4 million people traveling home from Thanksgiving festivities this weekend one of two storm systems could impact your plans.

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