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Bolton: Trump trying to set up con on his own supporters

CNN's Jake Tapper speaks with former national security adviser John Bolton about President Donald Trump's rhetoric around when mail-in ballots should be counted and Trump's threats of legal action after polls close on Election Day.

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Analysis: New polls suggest Trump's position has stabilized

There's little doubt that former Vice President Joe Biden has the upperhand against President Donald Trump at this point. Biden has led in poll after poll nationally and in almost every poll in the core six battleground states (Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin).

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MORNING BID EUROPE-UK election no foregone conclusion

The high-flying pound had its wings singed overnight as the latest opinion poll projections cast some doubt over what had seemed to be an assured election win for the ruling Conservative Party on Thursday. Sterling fell back almost 1% from Tuesday’s 7-month peaks and is off 0.7% from 2-1/2-year highs on the euro after pollster YouGov’s seat-by-seat projection of Thursday’s election showed PM Boris Johnson’s Conservatives with just a 28 seat majority, down sharply an in

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