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How a love for big cats and the 'myth' of the leopard sparked this wildlife photographer's career

People travel across oceans and from the other side of the world for a chance to see the wonders of Kruger National Park. The South African game reserve was established more than 120 years ago and ranks among the best national parks in the world. Bucket-list adventurers visit with the hope of encountering the "big five" -- lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo -- and, with any luck, capturing a memory-worthy photo in the process.

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Biden announces trilateral partnership with UK and Australia

President Biden talks about the new effort to help Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines, a major step toward countering China as he works to build international backing for his approach to Beijing. The announcement came as part of a new trilateral partnership among the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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Cough droplets can travel beyond six feet, new study suggests

A new simulation study suggests that a person coughing can disperse droplets well beyond six feet, and that anyone shorter than the person coughing -- such as children -- might be at a greater risk of encountering the downward trajectory of those cough droplets.

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Opinion: After Kenosha, now is the time for White parents to be explicit

I can't remember what particular conversation triggered it, but I realized a couple of years ago that I needed to get specific with my young children. I needed to dispel their stark and static notions of "law and order" and to tell them their civil rights movement heroes were lawbreakers. In addition to making racial justice an explicit family value in our home, I had a responsibility to actively challenge racism -- in this case, by countering ideas like "criminals are bad because they break the law" and "police are good because they stop bad guys."

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