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Video shows SUV crashing through parade barriers

Darrell E. Brooks, 39, of Milwaukee has been identified as the suspect who drove an SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He's facing five counts of intentional homicide. CNN's Adrienne Broaddus reports.

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'I was a judge and I lost everything': Transgender woman opens up

Roxanne knew as a young child she was transgender. To be accepted, she presented as a man, but in private and with her close friends she was her true self, Roxanne. That was until the façade came crashing down. She tells her story to Lisa Ling. Tune in this Sunday at 10pm ET/PT to learn about the history of the LGBTQ+ community in the US.

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Chaos in Kabul as Taliban take power and thousands try to flee

Hundreds of people poured onto the tarmac at Kabul's international airport desperately seeking a route out of Afghanistan on Monday, after the Taliban's sudden seizure of power sparked a chaotic Western withdrawal and brought to a crashing end the United States' two-decade mission in the country.

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American democracy's infrastructure is crumbling

With the relentless wave of voter suppression bills crashing over America, it is deeply disturbing that voting rights are still not regarded by some as a foundational pillar of our nation's infrastructure. Especially now, as our democracy's infrastructure is crumbling.

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Suspense builds on Wall Street over expiring relief for big banks

With the economy crashing and markets in chaos last spring, the Federal Reserve handed out get out of jail free cards to America's big banks. Now that the recovery is gaining steam, the Fed has to decide if it's time to enforce the rules once again.

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