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Reaction: How Russians responded to protester on TV news

American Yakov Kronrod tells CNN's Anderson Cooper what the reaction has been like in Russia after an employee at one of Russia's major state television networks interrupted a live broadcast to protest the invasion of Ukraine.

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Here's how much house you can afford in your area

• Here's what a $1M home looks like in 3 cities • Analysis: The Great Resignation isn't what you think it is • Amazon more than doubles salary caps for US white-collar employees

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Starbucks scraps vaccine requirement

Starbucks is no longer requiring employees to get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing, following the US Supreme Court's rejection last week of President Joe Biden's vaccine and testing requirement for large businesses.

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When you should take a PCR vs. a rapid antigen test

A PCR test is often considered the gold standard for detecting coronavirus infection. It's the test some employers want employees to take before returning to work after having Covid-19, and the one some people scramble to schedule to know whether they can travel or stop isolating. But experts say the PCR test isn't the best one for every situation.

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Amazon shortens Covid paid leave time for US employees

• Supreme Court appears poised to block Biden's vaccine and testing rules for businesses • Opinion: Not President Biden's finest day in court on vaccine • Citigroup to fire unvaccinated employees

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Citigroup to fire unvaccinated employees this month

Citigroup staff in the United States who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 by Jan. 14 will be placed on unpaid leave and fired at the end of the month unless they are granted an exemption, a source familiar with the matter said on Friday.

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