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Retailers are gearing up for a huge holiday season

Weary retailers continue to battle pandemic uncertainty as the Delta variant causes new spikes in coronavirus infections. But for now, at least, expectations for a merry holiday season remain intact.

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Going back into work? Prepare to prove you've been vaccinated

The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula in the Bay area are gearing up to welcome 1,000 students to their summer program in June. But this year, there is a new requirement for their 225-member staff: Covid-19 vaccinations are mandatory.

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The uphill road that awaits Donald Trump

This week, the nation reached "safe harbor," the point six days before the vote of the Electoral College, when, according to the Electoral Count Act of 1887, states' results presumptively can no longer be challenged in the courts or on Capitol Hill. In response, the Trump campaign dismissed the concept altogether -- and is instead gearing up for a floor debate when Congress tallies the final ballots on January 6, 2021.

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When can I get a coronavirus vaccine?

Federal government officials are promising coronavirus vaccines soon -- some even before Christmas -- and states are gearing up to begin vaccinating Americans sometime in December.

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