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Smerconish: What does Putin view as the 'trip wire'?

America's reluctance to get directly involved with Poland's transfer of planes to Ukraine raises the question: What's the "trip wire" that Putin would view as America being at war with Russia?

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What Prague 1968 teaches us about Ukraine 2022

In the early hours of an August day in 1968, I was awakened by the continuous thunder of heavy planes flying low overhead -- we lived relatively close to Prague's largest airport.

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The 5G-airline snafu: Everything we know

The attempt to roll out amped up mobile service across the United States has been a bit of a mess. The aviation industry and transportation regulators are worried about new 5G antennas interfering with a key type of aircraft altimeter that's essential for landing planes in bad weather. But wireless carriers and telecom regulators have said there's nothing to fear.

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How flying will change in 2022

During almost any other year, a look ahead to what the future holds for aviation would almost certainly be centered on exciting things like new airplanes, airlines and airports.

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Why a Mach 5 passenger plane is a crazy idea that might just work

Almost two decades since Concorde retired, interest around supersonic travel has been picking up pace, and several super-fast planes are under development. Airlines seem interested: United has already committed itself to offering supersonic routes as early as 2029.

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Dead chickens have been keeping airplanes safe for years

You all excited for a third year of the pandemic? Neither are we. But as restrictions tighten around the world, CNN Travel has been taking solace in the world's greatest cocktail bars and Europe's finest cheeses.

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Dead chickens have kept airplanes safe for years

Birds may be the undisputed masters of the air, but they've been at the losing end of airborne collisions since the dawn of aviation in 1905, when pioneer pilot Orville Wright reported the first bird strike.

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Why flying is so bad and about to get worse

Canceled flights, packed planes, rising fares and violent outbursts are the new normal for air travel. Flying is getting worse for both passengers and crews.

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