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'No one would be spared': Debt default would set off dire consequences

The fight over raising the nation's borrowing limit underscores a reality for Democrats as they are in the midst of their highest stakes moment for President Joe Biden's sweeping legislative agenda: thrusting a potential default into the mix may have devastating consequences.

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'The stench is unbearable': See inside horrific Venezuelan Covid-19 ward

On the surface, Venezuela seems spared from the ravaging impact of Covid-19, but doctors tell CNN the number of cases is much higher than the government wants to admit. With limited and slow testing, patients are kept in motels for weeks, under strict government control, waiting for a result. CNN's Isa Soares gets exclusive access to two of Venezuela's largest hospitals where power and water are intermittent and medical supplies are scarce.

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More fall into poverty after federal stimulus programs end

Congress' swift and expansive response to the coronavirus pandemic last spring spared millions of Americans from falling into poverty after losing their jobs. But now that the relief has ended, the poverty rate has risen in recent months, two new studies show.

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Why your vote could be a life-or-death decision

After months of downplaying the dangers of the novel coronavirus, President Donald Trump has received no-expense-spared, cutting-edge treatment for his Covid-19 infection. Of course, it is reasonable that the President of the United States and commander in chief is treated aggressively -- the country's national security and leadership continuity are vital to our well-being and safety.

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Sweden pays human and economic price for not locking down

Sweden's soft approach to the coronavirus pandemic has been controversial as the country opted against locking down to protect the economy. However, Sweden hasn't been spared from great economic pain. CNN's Phil Black reports.

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There's still a way to prosecute Roger Stone

To almost no one's surprise, days before Roger Stone's prison sentence was about to begin, President Donald Trump has spared his long-time political crony from the pen — late Friday, Mr. Trump commuted Stone's sentence. It is time for New York prosecutors to answer this latest assault by Trump on the rule of law: They should ready a state prosecution of Stone.

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Renault factory worker spared layoffs - for now

Giovanni Pili, a worker at a Renault factory in France, was on Friday savouring the fact that he was not laid off in a global shakeup at the carmaker, and trying not to think too much about the uncertain future facing his plant, and his industry.

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Airlines say massive job cuts are inevitable after bailout money dries up

US airline workers have been largely spared from the carnage that's pushed the country's unemployment to record highs since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. But those same workers -— roughly 750,000 pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers, mechanics and others — will soon be among the most at-risk for losing their jobs.

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