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Here's how we know sanctions are hurting Russia

• EU bans investment in Russian energy • China has expressed an openness to assist Russia, US intel suggests • Germany will buy US-made F-35 fighter jets as it ramps up military spending

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What's in the government spending bill

A massive spending bill that would fund the federal government through September -- as well as provide $13.6 billion in fresh aid to Ukraine as the country fights back against Russia's invasion -- is moving through Congress.

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Consumers are flush, and that's good news for AmEx

American Express customers clearly didn't leave home without their credit cards when they went shopping this holiday season. The company said Tuesday that revenue in the fourth quarter soared 30% from a year ago, thanks in large part to record spending by its members.

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Opinion: Investors are feeling too giddy about the economy

The pandemic continues to call the shots for the economy. Each wave of the virus has done significant damage, with Omicron now hitting the economy hard. December retail sales slumped as households pulled back on spending, including travel, dining out at restaurants and attending Broadway shows. The airlines continue to struggle with flight cancellations as pilots and other personnel get sick. Unemployment insurance claims are on the rise again, as small businesses, unable to stay open, reduce staff.

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Americans are tired of Covid and ready to spend

The Omicron variant may be hurtling the labor market, hospitals, travel and in-person events into states of upheaval, but it's not expected to deter consumers from spending, Wells Fargo economists said Wednesday.

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Opinion: What I realized when my toddler got Covid

After spending the last two years terrified of getting Covid-19, last month our four-year-old daughter -- too young to be vaccinated, much less boosted -- got sick. There was an outbreak in her pre-K classroom, so as soon she got a temperature, we did an at-home test.

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What Biden's Build Back Better bill could mean for inflation

Soaring inflation has become a political problem for President Joe Biden's Build Back Better bill, with critics pointing to the rise in prices as a reason why it's the wrong time for Congress to authorize some $1.75 trillion in new spending.

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'Bizarre': Fareed Zakaria responds to Elon Musk's interview

Fareed Zakaria discusses Elon Musk's recent comments about Biden's spending plan during a Wall Street Journal interview. The bill includes up to a $12,500 tax credit for electric vehicles and subsidies for electric vehicle charging stations.

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Fact-checking 4 Biden claims about the economy

President Joe Biden has spoken regularly about the economy in the past month -- trying at once to reassure Americans about inflation, draw attention to job growth and earn support for his signature infrastructure and social spending proposals.

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