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Burnt-out school superintendent quits for his family -- and to save his health

As he stepped back and stared at his 66-year-old father and 12-year-old son following the family tradition of working on a car, Donald Fennoy made a life-changing decision. He needed more quality time with his aging parents and young children and less time dealing with other people's parents and children. The stress of trying to handle the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic compounded by divisive politics on full display at hostile school board meetings was too much.

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Hugh Jackman announces he has Covid-19

Hugh Jackman went from praising those on Broadway who have stepped up in the face of the pandemic to sharing that he has tested positive for Covid-19.

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Analysis: The political vise tightens on Biden as he faces a Covid storm

President Joe Biden stepped before the podium Tuesday in an impossible political bind -- attempting to assure vaccinated Americans that they don't need to cancel their holiday plans as he confronts a fast-growing Covid surge that is likely to further disrupt American life as many more workers call out sick.

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Cardi B was queen of the wardrobe change at the American Music Awards

When it comes to awards show, it's not unusual to see hosts swapping outfits throughout the night. For many masters of ceremony, it's also an opportunity to have fun with fashion -- like when Doja Cat wore her memorable "worm" costume at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, or that time Ellen DeGeneres stepped out in Björk's iconic swan dress while hosting the 2001 Emmys.

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'In this house, I'm in charge': UK house speaker shuts down Boris Johnson

Lindsay Hoyle, the UK's Speaker of the House of Commons, stepped in during a fiery parliamentary debate session. He rebuked Prime Minister Boris Johnson, opposition leader Keir Starmer and the most senior figures of both parties for their poor parliamentary behavior, saying he expected better politics from both sides. CNN's Bianca Nobilo has more.

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Opinion: Biden is on to something important

President Joe Biden scored a major victory on Friday night. For months, negotiations between different factions of the Democratic Party have threatened  to tank his domestic agenda. But after the President stepped up the pressure and urged lawmakers to "vote now," the House passed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill with bipartisan support, sending it to Biden's desk for his signature. 

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