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Opinion: Weaknesses in Russia's military revealed, writes Petraeus

Retired Gen. David Petraeus, who commanded US forces in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, says the Russians are facing a Ukraine military that is exceptionally determined, surprisingly capable and innovative, and one that is fighting on its home territory for its very survival.

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The question the GOP must answer about January 6

In the weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attack, then President George W. Bush famously stood on the floor of a joint session of Congress and declared to the nations of the world: "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists." As we approach the one-year anniversary of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, Dean Obeidallah writes that is the very question we all should pose to any GOP elected official who still downplays the assault or supports the election lie that led to the violence.

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Opinion: This is a dystopian moment, climate scientist writes

I'm a climate scientist and on Wednesday night, I watched the rain outside my New York City window break the local record for the most accumulation in an hour. It was an event that caused catastrophic flooding and infrastructure failures across both the New York Metro area and a wide swath of the Northeast US, delivered by the remnant of a powerful hurricane that had visited even greater destruction on Louisiana a couple of days ago.

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The GOP chooses chaos over everything else

"What is given may be taken away at any time," writes Irish-born novelist Maggie O'Farrell in her acclaimed novel "Hamnet." Published amid the wave of Covid-19 lockdowns last year, the book is a historical fiction of another era's pestilence, depicting the repercussions of the death of William Shakespeare and his wife's 11-year-old son from bubonic plague in 1596: "The trick is never to let down your guard. Never think you are safe."

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Coronavirus infects the mouth and may spread in saliva, study finds

Researchers say they have found evidence that coronavirus infects the mouth, including inside the cheeks, in the gums and in salivary glands. When people swallow infected saliva, they could be spreading the virus to other parts of their bodies, CNN's Maggie Fox writes.

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Opinion: Biden's tricky tango with Congress

"There are men of character in the U.S. Congress, both House and Senate. There are women of character, too. But the evidence for 'character' needs to be something other than the iteration of the word itself," writes Marjorie Garber in her book "Character: The History of a Cultural Obsession."

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America almost lost its democracy. Here's how we stop that from happening again

As we swear in a new President and look to a new era in Washington DC, a cloud of anger and fear hangs over America after pro-Trump insurrectionists stormed the US Capitol. President-elect Joe Biden has big plans and a serious mandate, but he will have to govern a divided nation, one that was nearly torn apart by a mob hellbent on destroying it. I talk to US Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut and CNN Senior Political Analyst David Gergen about what comes next for America's fragile democracy. But first, Rep. Himes writes this week's CNN op-ed. --SE Cupp

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Opinion: We made a lot of mistakes, a doctor writes

The first case of Covid-19 in the United States was reported a year ago, on January 20, 2020. The patient, a 35-year-old man who had recently returned from visiting his family in Wuhan, China, sought medical care because of a cough and fever. He was hospitalized and survived the infection.

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Opinion: America's education system is in need of dramatic reform

In attempting to get American life back to "normal" in 2021, one of the first agenda items will be making up for a disrupted, disjointed year of school. The Biden administration's pick for education secretary, Miguel Cardona, will inherit not only the problems associated with a pandemic but the systemic problems American K-12 education had long before. This week I talk to David M. Perry, a journalist and historian, as well as Geoffrey Canada, president of the Harlem Children's Zone, about what comes next for American education. But first, Perry writes our CNN op-ed. -- SE Cupp

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Ex-Melania adviser: First lady is President's enabler

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, author and former senior adviser to first lady Melania Trump, speaks to CNN's Brianna Keilar about her article in The Daily Beast where she writes that Melania and the President "lack character, and have no moral compass."

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